Monday, February 8, 2010

Is Copd Worse In Summer Or Winter I Was Diagnosed With Severe Copd Last Year, I Smoked Cigarettes & Weed From 1965 Untill 2003?

I was diagnosed with severe copd last year, i smoked cigarettes & weed from 1965 untill 2003? - is copd worse in summer or winter

I still smoke weed, but my time was so bad that I'm in the hospital open for oxygen and a shot at the airway, once or twice a week for you. I'm considering buying a vaporizer, that my COPD stop worse if I smoke?


Lisa said...

Do not think the spray is no way round irreversible lung damage from all those years of smoking. I know its hard but you better if you feel you hear. Likely to need oxygen at home and their own breathing treatments. Your doctor will order for you May.
Hope this helps.

stuck in the midwest said...

You gotta be kidding .... quit! It is the only thing preventing them from worse! You can not undo damage that has already taken place, but you can try to improve the quality of life does not revolve around the addiction to have!

eloquent said...

take their medication exactly as prescribed and follow your pulmonologist.

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